Virtual-First Healthcare East Summit Agenda

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  • Day One | Wednesday, 15th November
  • Day Two | Thursday, 16th November
Day One | Wednesday, 15th November
8:00am ET

Registration, Breakfast and Networking

9:00am ET

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Bruce Meadows, Managing Partner, Takeda Digital Ventures 

9:10am ET

Keynote Presentation: The Evolution of Virtual-First Care

This presentation will provide an overview of how the Virtual-First Care Industry and Ecosystem has developed over time, what the key developments have been and what barriers have caused the industry to adapt and evolve. 

Don Jones, IMPACT Co-Founder Chair, Virtual First Medical Practice Collaborative, Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

9:35am ET

Keynote Panel: Virtual-First Care – A Solution for Health Equity

This panel will dive into one of the most crucial challenges within the US Healthcare system – health equity and accessibility, a topic which must be considered throughout this summit when strategizing around this approach to care. Virtual-First Care shows a lot of promise in a diversity of populations, but which populations still have barriers to accessing this care? How can we innovate to ensure that Virtual-First Care continues to become a care model that not only provides valuable care, but care that is accessible.

  • How can we lean into the benefits Virtual-First Care provides for underserved populations?
  • How can we integrate Virtual-First Care into communities to ensure this care is accessible on many levels?
  • Which populations may Virtual-First Care not suit? Is there a way to innovate around these populations?
  • How can we scale Virtual-First Care to ensure we can achieve success within more populations? How can we gain and scale trust using this model of care?

Gregg Nicandri, Chief Medical Information Officer, University of Rochester Medical Centre
Sheila Phicil, Director of Innovation, Health Equity Accelerator, Boston Medical Centre
Bruce Meadows, Managing Partner, Takeda Digital Ventures
Nabomita Dutta, Senior Vice President, Commercial Strategy and Partnerships, Teladoc Health
Michael Levy
, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Health Institute for Transformation

10:15am ET

Panel Discussion: “It Takes A Village” – Foundations of Successful Virtual Care Projects. Hosted by 98point6

This panel explores how care innovation projects at health systems demand both internal and external partnerships, and the keys to unlocking success. Following the rapid deployment of basic telehealth during the pandemic, health systems are now implementing more structured approaches to building successful virtual care models that are both cost and care effective. This panel will discuss:

  • Why health systems are a focal point for developing successful virtual care solutions
  • Lessons learned while building both internal and external partnerships
  • Navigating the connection with the Electronic Medical Record
  • Exploring and managing the relationship with in-person care teams

Moderator: Brad Younggren, Chief Medical Officer and President of Care Innovation, 98point6 Technologies
Nick Gavin, System Vice Chair of Population Health & Clinical Innovation, Mount Sinai Health System
Lizzy Mulcahy
, Director of Telehealth, MaineHealth



Activating the digital-first health system | 98point6 Technologies

10:55am ET

Morning Break, Refreshments & Networking

11:30am ET

Panel Discussion: Designing Hybrid Care 

This panel discussion will hone in on how we can provide Virtual Care Models that seamlessly integrate with in-person healthcare systems, and provide care that is flexible and accessible to patients. 

  • How can Virtual-First Care be used not only at home but also within hospitals to streamline nurse and physician workflows and provide higher quality care to hospital patients?
  • Consumers want to toggle between in-person and virtual, how can we design care models that enable the consumer to have this choice? 
  • How can Virtual-First Care models successfully partner with healthcare systems to provide hybrid models of care?
  • How are retailers innovating within Virtual First Care to provide Consumer-first care?

Moderator: Ryan Grant, Founder and CEO, Vori Health

Mike Goodman, Co-founder and Head of Strategy & Operations, Oshi Health
Otto Sipe, Co-founder & CEO, Photon
Adrienne Ton,
Director of Clinical Operations, TBD Health
Stuart Blitz,
Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer, Hone Health
Amanda Gorman
, Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Nest Collaborative

12:10pm ET

Panel Discussion: The Great Resignation in Healthcare 

Healthcare systems are preparing for and experiencing a mass walkout of physicians and nurses. How can Virtual-First Care not just act as a care model that can mitigate the resulting effect of these staff shortages, but also enable more physicians to stay in healthcare?

  • Opening Question – How is virtual-first care helping to alleviate the largest physician burdens leading to staffing shortages? Aka administration burden, data collection, enable staff to work from home, connection to patients, fee-for-service approaches to care etc
  • Diving into connectivity to patients and job satisfaction. How have physicians using your platform found using virtual-first care, what benefits have they have highlighted in terms of the quality of care for patients?
  • What are we doing to keep patients out of the acute care setting to reduce the burden for hospitals?
  • How have other innovations aka AI, large language models, been used in combination with virtual-first care to alleviate physician burden and enhance the quality and efficiency of virtual-first care? How does integrating these innovations in virtual-first care compare to their implementation in brick and mortar settings?
  • Integration with the healthcare industry and healthcare systems. How can Virtual-First Care offer healthcare systems an opportunity to redesign care, to account for physician and nursing shortages, without compromising quality?

Amanda Gorman, Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Nest Collaborative 
Chris Hogg,
Co-founder and CEO,  Marley Medical
Susan Conover
, Co-founder and CEO, Piction Health

12:45pm ET

Lunch & Networking


Panel Discussion: Rural Populations

This panel will dive into a crucial population of patients – rural health patients and discuss how we can innovate around rural populations using virtual-first care to provide more accessible and quality care. 

  • Opening question – why are we really solving for this? As an industry, how crucial is it that we work to support this population? 
  • What positive outcomes clinically have been shown using virtual-first care and telehealth for rural populations? What have been the strategic outcomes?
  • What are the most frequent challenges in providing virtual-first care for rural populations? What innovations have there been around these challenges? For connectivity in particular how is/ is the industry working to solve this?
  • How have recent reimbursement changes in virtual-first care affected rural populations? In particular, how have reimbursement changes in voice-only vs video-only telehealth affected these populations
  • What crucial steps must we take as an industry to advocate for this population?

Tawny Hammett, Chief Revenue Officer, Paloma Health
Ramon Lizardo, CEO, Tele911
Jonathan Neufeld, Director and Principal Investigator, Great Plains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Centre

2:40pm ET

Panel Discussion: Exploring Different Routes that Virtual-First Care Products Can Go-To-Market 

This panel will discuss the different strategies that different Virtual-First Care companies can take to go to market.

  • What are the benefits and risks of selling B2B, B2C and to self-insured employers?
  • How can Virtual-First Care companies partner with providers and payers to assist them in their route to market?
  • What success stories can each panelist share about their approach to going to market? Where there any challenges with each specific approach and what were they?

Ryan Schoenecker, Chief Commercial Officer, Vori Health
Randy Forman, Chief Commercial Officer, Oshi Health 
Joe Connolly, Co-founder and CEO, Visana Health 
Gaurav Shivhare, Head of Product, Virtual Care, CVS Health

3:15pm ET

Afternoon Break, Refreshment & Networking

3:45pm ET

Panel Discussion Deep Dive: Virtual-First Care in Behavioural Health

This panel will focus on behavioral health, and the promise within this area that virtual first care holds for patients seeking quality and accessible care for behavioral health needs. 

  • Can you provide an overview of your company and what approach it is taking to providing virtual-first behavioral healthcare?
  • What outcomes are you measuring / have you seen using virtual-first care to treat this specific area of health? 
  • How do your platforms take a holistic approach to patients’ general wellbeing? What does a holistic approach look like to you?
  • How do you maintain the human element and build strong therapeutic relationships for your patients through virtual-first care? How do you measure this? 

Jamie Feusner, Chief Medical Officer, NOCD 
Varun Choudhary, Interim Chief Medical Officer, FloreoVR
Dan Pickett, CEO, aptihealth

4:20pm ET

Panel Discussion Hosted by HelloHeart: Keeping Patients Engaged After a Telemedicine Visit 

Virtual care is critical for improving access and reaching patients in their comfort zones. But when the telemedicine visit is over, what happens next, and how can we keep patients engaged? Best-in-class digital solutions can keep patients engaged with their health care after a telemedicine visit. This panel will explore the benefit of using digital tools to enhance patient relationships in a virtual world. 

  • How can digital tools enrich virtual care?
  • What strategies keep patients engaged after a virtual appointment?
  • What is the criteria for evaluating complimentary digital solutions?

Moderator: Dr. Edo Paz, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, HelloHeart 

Timothy Law, Chief Medical Officer, Highmark Inc

Reena Bhargava, Medical Director of Digital Health, Telehealth, Virtual Care Health Care Delivery, Kaiser Permanente Highmark Inc

Gaurav Shivhare, Head of Product, Virtual Care, CVS Health 

Cardiovascular Digital Health Program for Employers and Health Plans | Hello Heart

4:55pm ET

Panel Discussion How are Larger Healthcare Systems Innovating with Virtual-First Care?

This session will take a look at how larger healthcare systems are investing in virtual care and telehealth.

  • How are healthcare systems navigating the culture change that Virtual-First Care brings?
  • What challenges exist for healthcare systems in governance around the technology that is used in Virtual-First Care?
  • What populations is Virtual-First Care showing great value for? Which populations are showing less success in using this approach to care?
  • How can Virtual-First Care enable streamlined, patient-centric workflows that attenuate the administrative burdens and frustrations for clinicians?

Moderator: Ryan Wilber, Senior Clinical Strategy Director, Care Delivery, Teladoc Health

Tania Elliott, Chief Medical Officer, Nectar Allergy
Timothy Law, Chief Medical Officer, Highmark Inc 
Sarah Schenck
, Medical Director of Virtualist Medicine, ChristianaCare

5:40pm ET

Chair’s Closing Remarks and End of Day 1 

Bruce Meadows, Managing Partner, Takeda Digital Ventures 

5:45pm ET

Takeda Digital Ventures Drinks Reception 

A 1.5 hours drinks reception hosted by Takeda Digital Ventures.

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Day Two | Thursday, 16th November
8:00am ET

Registration, Breakfast and Networking


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Bruce Meadows, Managing Partner, Takeda Digital Ventures 

9:10am ET

Panel Discussion: Strategizing to Improve Patient Adoption in Virtual-First Care 

Once you have acquired patients and created accessibility to virtual-first care, the next important step is to sustain patient engagement in Virtual-First Care. This panel will focus on how we can strategize to overcome barriers in patient engagement with virtual-first care, and ensure we are designing care models that put the patient at the center. 

  • Opening questions – what are the key elements needed to sustain patient engagement? How do we define patient engagement?
  • Trust – how can we create a service that generates trust?
  • How can we create excellent care management within virtual-first care? Which other technologies and tools can we integrate to improve patient engagement?
  • How can Virtual-First Care deliver benefits to patients with very specific needs? How can we take a holisitc appraoch to the patients’ care, and consider the impact of their family and wider community in their care?
  • How are we enabling personal connection and empathy through this technology? How much is technology vs human personal connection supporting this engagement?

Moderator: Geoff Rutledge, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, HealthTap

Lorenzo Consoli, Founder & CEO, NuvoAir
Debra Socia
, President and CEO, The Enterprise Center 
Joseph Kvedar, Immediate Past Chair of the Board and Senior Clinical Advisor, American Telemedicine Association
Ryan Wilber, Senior Clinical Strategy Director of Care Delivery, Teladoc Health


9:50am ET

Presentation: From Regulatory Barriers to Creative Workarounds  

Joseph Kvedar, Immediate Past Chair of the Board and Senior Clinical Advisor, American Telemedicine Association

10:15am ET

Panel Discussion & Lengthened Q&A: Investment in Virtual-First Care

Investment is crucial to the acceleration of the Virtual-First Care industry, and so it is important to understand what investors are looking for. This investor-based panel will dive into what it is investors are looking for to invest in virtual-first care, and how best companies can demonstrate their value. 

  • What is the appetite for investment in Virtual-First Care at the moment? 
  • What business models are resonating with investors at the moment?
  • What key piece of information would each panelist give to Virtual-First Care companies looking to secure investment? 
  • What are the biggest risks and challenges investors see when investing in Virtual-First Care companies and how can companies mitigate these risks and reassure investors?
  • How can virtual-first care companies differentiate themselves in a crowded and competitive market, and what strategies do investors look for to ensure long-term success?

Moderator: Bruce Meadows, Managing Partner, Takeda Digital Ventures

Ellen Herlacher, Partner, LRVHealth
Sooah Cho, Partner, SignalFire
Matthew Weinberg, Partner, Max Ventures
Elise King, Investor, Human Ventures

10:55am ET

Morning Break, Refreshments & Networking

11:30am ET - 12:10pm ET

Lightning Talks – Future Evolution of Virtual-First Care

These short 15 min talks will provide insight on the latest innovations within healthcare that may be integrated into virtual first care

11:30am ET

Lightning Talk 1: Kaiser Permanente E-Visits 

Electronic physician visits, or e-visits, use a digital virtual care platform with structured, asynchronous exchange between patients and clinicians to provide care without scheduled appointments. This presentation will explore how e-Visits are offering quick, safe patient access to virtual health care for specific conditions without needing a scheduled visit.

Reena Bhargava, Medical Director of Digital Health, Telehealth, Virtual Care Delivery, Kaiser Permanente

11:50am ET

Lighting Talk 2: AI/Chat GPT

Geoff Rutledge, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, HealthTap 


12:10pm ET

Panel Discussion: A Closer Look at Value-Based Care

Closing off the summit, this panel will focus on how Virtual-First Care can help the healthcare industry adapt to more value-based models of care. Does Virtual-First Care compliment this shift in payment from fee for service to value based?

  • What is the value in Virtual-First Care, and how can we monetize it? How does the value compare to that provided by more traditional in-person care?
  • How can Virtual-First Care augment insurance network adequacy and prevent leakage?
  • Vendor partnerships vs in-network provider, what are the benefits and trade offs? 
  • Which payment models enable Virtual-First Care to be scaled?
  • Is value-based care the future for Virtual-First Care payment?

Sameer Berry, Chief Medical Officer, Oshi Health
Gregory Snyder, Vice President, Clinical Strategy and Quality Improvement, Medically Home
Brad Diephuis
, Chief Business Officer, Thyme Care


Chairs Closing Remarks

Bruce Meadows, Managing Partner, Takeda Digital Ventures 

1:00pm ET

Close of the Virtual-First Healthcare East Summit

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